Native install on Mac

If you can't to use Docker (too old hardware), you can install node and MongoDB via Homebrew.

  1. Install node and mongodb

    brew install node
    brew install mongodb

    Then start mongodb:

    brew services start mongodb

    Check that mongo is really running by typing:

  2. Fetch GLAMpipe code from GitHub

    git clone
    cd GLAMpipe
  3. Create data directory for GLAMpipe and set it as dataPath in config/config.js.

    mkdir /Users/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/GLAMpipe-data 

    Then edit "datapath" in config/config.js:

    // - where GLAMpipe can strore project data
    // default: ""
    var dataPath = "/Users/__YOUR_USERNAME_HERE__/GLAMpipe-data ;
  4. Install node dependencies

    npm install
  5. Try to run

    node glampipe.js

    You should see something like this:

    ********************* G L A M p i pe *************************
    * DATA PATH: /home/arihayri/GLAMpipe_DATA
    * NODE PATH: 
    * STATUS:    running on
    ********************* G L A M p i pe *************************

    You can stop GLAMpipe by pressing CTRL + C