Docker Compose (currently not up to date!)

GLAMpipe can be installed via Docker compose. So first you need to install Docker:

  1. Clone GLAMpipe repository:

    git clone
    cd GLAMpipe
  2. Then install GLAMpipe. There is a dockerhub image that you can use:

    docker-compose pull

    Or, if you want to build from source:

    docker-compose build

    And finally:

    docker-compose up

This takes a while at first time but next time the start up is almost instant. Finally you should see something like this:

    ********************* G L A M p i pe *************************
    * DATA PATH: /home/arihayri/GLAMpipe_DATA
    * NODE PATH: 
    * STATUS:    running on
    ********************* G L A M p i pe *************************

Just type http://localhost:3000 in your browser and you should have GLAMpipe in front of you. You can stop GLAMpipe by pressing CTRL + C

Possible problems with docker compose install

When you run "docker-compose up" command first time, the mongo service might start later that GLAMpipe. This means that GLAMpipe refuses to start. Just press CTRL + C and then type again "docker-compose up".

If there is still a problem with database, you can try to start mongo first:

docker-compose up -d mongo

And then:

docker-compose up glam