• Settings view is displayed to user when the node is selected in a project view (unless hidden by the user).
  • User can alter settings at anytime.
  • Settings are saved only when the node is executed by clicking "Batch run", "Import data" on "Run for this" buttons.


Settings are defined in settings.html in plain html. Settings can also have interactive elements.

NOTE: Only inputs with class "node-settings" are sent to the GLAMpipe.

<input class="node-settings dynamic_field" name="my_setting" \>

NOTE: If you add a "dynamic_field" class to a select, then that select is filled with current collection fields.

Here are part of the settings of the Script node:

            Example setting: field selection (in field)
            Choose a field from record fields.<br>
            In your script you can get the value of the field like this: <br>

        <label>record field</label>
        <select name="in_field" class="node-settings dynamic_field">
            <option value="">choose field</option>

Access settings

If node has input named "separator" in settings view, the value is then later accessible in node scripts via context object like this:

var sep = context.node.settings.separator;