Users interacts with GLAMpipe nodes via parameters and settings.

  • The parameter view is displayed to the user when creating a new node.
  • The parameter view is defined with plain html in params.html.
  • Parameters are saved when user creates a new node.
  • Parameters can not be modified afterwards.
  • Parameter values starting with in_ are input fields.
    • input fields are automatically made visible when node is selected in project view.
  • Parameter values starting with out_ are output fields.
    • output fields are added to all documents when node is created.
    • output fields are deleted from all documents when node is deleted.
  • In select has class dynamic_field then it is filled with current collection fields (field selection).

Here is a Script node's param.html

<label>example param 1 (static)</label>
<input name="param_1"/>

<label>example param 2 (dynamic)</label>
<select name="param_2" class="dynamic_field">
<option value="">choose field</option>

<label>output field:</label> 
<input id="process_script_out" name="out_field" value="script_out"/>

So, if you have an input named "prefix" in params view, the value is then later accessible in node scripts via context object like this:

var pre = context.node.params.prefix;